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Our detailers, project managers, and rebar fabrication shop collaborate seamlessly to ensure on-time deliveries, accuracy of orders, and prompt re-scheduling that accommodates changing job-site requirements are,

SLRS Provide Quality Engineering services in Rebar field

 Analytical Model


 Detailing & Construction Drawing

 Bar Bending Schedule / BOQ

 Rebar Fabrication Factory Operations /Consultants

 Low cost automated rebar Fabrication Machine Suppliers

We Provide Rebar Estimating Services at Low cost!!

Here we strive to give our customers an accurate, detailed, on time estimate. Even after the estimating process, we are here to support the bid process. We are here to answer your calls, answer your emails and return all missed contact attempts ASAP. We know how many questions can arise as the actual bid process takes place. We do not stop there though. After a job is awarded, we can provide additional services such as detailing, tracking change orders, and doing plan comparisons.

 Analytical Model



Rebar Fabrication and Operations

With a very larger capacity of rebar fabrication, we satisfy all your rebar needs. We operate state-of-the-art fabrication facilities.For both large and small jobs, Prothious can deliver engineering resources and immediate customer service around the globe.For some projects, we offer resources for secondment or the on-site placement of a Prothious engineer, detailer, designer, draftsman or project manager.




Factory Design, Project Based Machine Design, Layout Design, Capacity Planning

Rebar Detailing

We have BBS (Bar bending schedule) which is used to communicate the design requirement of reinforcement steel to the fabricator and execution team and to enumerate the weight of each size of steel. It is a list of reinforcement steel bars, which includes size and number of bars, cutting length of bars, weight of steel and a sketch representing the shape of bar to be bent. We have dedicated civil engineers who are familiar in RCC structure, are employed to prepare Rebar bending schedule.

 Detailing & Construction / Shop Drawing

 Bar Bending Schedule (BBS)

Rebar Fabrication Machinery

We do supply machineries for rebar fabrication based on our customer’s needs….

SLRS Rebar Detailing Process cycle